How to wear patterned pants and leggings !!!

Even the most stylish girls can stumble on the trend from time to time. Patterned dresses are always on top, but the pants? Today we are ready to wear patterned pants and leggings. We break down the restrictions on this topic by using the simplest of ways.

Ready to learn a few tricks in the use of style wearing this type of clothing?

- Start conservatively. If bold designs are not your taste, you can start by subtle details, such as tiny dots, stripes or colored patterns.

- Avoid wear flat shoes for the ankle. To patterned leggings or pants are suitable high heeled shoes. Lengthen the legs ...

- Dress up the top half of the pitch solid colors. Uniform colors of the upper garment and slim silhouette will nicely complement courage in color pants. Shirt, jacket BE A dress will perfectly complement with a patterned bottom.

- Composition of printed leggings with a tunic or a simple dress that covers the buttocks line may look good.

- Stay self confidence! New trends in fashion wear bold with a sense of style.



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